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Need computer training online?
You are at the right place!

Certainly, computer training is no longer an option. It is a necessity. So, are you computer literate? If not, why not? What is or has been preventing you from obtaining the much needed computer education for so long now?

Why Us?

Here are three sound reasons why you should register with us today.

Obviously, you likely desire to be computer literate because of the enormous benefits that it holds out to everyone. However, are you procrastinating on obtaining this much needed computer education because of lack of funds?

Or, could it be that your busy schedule is such that you hardly ever have time for yourself personally, much less be in attendance at a computer training centre?

If lack of time or insufficient funds is what has been depriving you from being computer literate for so long, then today is your lucky day.

The computer training programme offered in this website is both affordable and tailor-made to meet your specific needs and busy schedule.

In other words, apart from being very moderate in cost, you are at liberty to choose the time that is most convenient to you. Can you have a better deal than that elsewhere?

Computer Training

On the other hand, are you semi-computer literate? For your info, semi-computer literacy is just as bad as computer illiteracy. Have you tried eating a half-baked bread before? If yes, how did it taste in your mouth?

For your education perspective read more about microsoft certification training here

Computer training is our passion! What is yours?
Can you make a living out of your passion?

Did you finish eating the bread to your satisfaction? Or, did you spit out the crumbs from your mouth and discard the rest with a look of disgust on your face, exclaiming "What sort of shit is this?"

Got the message? If not, then be informed that semi-computer literacy or half education in computer operations is just as bad as no education at all.

Our Computer Training Programme

Fittingly, the computer training programme offered in this website has been broken down into two areas as follows:

  • Lift Above Computer Illiteracy (LACI) Programme;
  • and
  • Hands-On Interactive System Training (HOIST) Series

Lift Above Computer Illiteracy (LACI)

Computer TrainingOur Lift Above Computer Illiteracy (LACI) programme will do exactly as the name implies. It will take you from being a computer illiterate to computer literate in just under seven (7) days. Too good to be true? Of course not! This is for real. A trial will certainly convince you!

But, the scope of this one-of-its-kind computer training programme on the internet will cover basic computer operations or computer fundamentals.

Additionally, this programme will also train you on how to use the computer to perform different day-to-day office and home tasks. Certainly, the Lift Above Computer Illiteracy (LACI) programme has been specifically designed for either total "newbies" or persons with limited knowledge in computer operations.

For details on the scope of the programme, see the web page: Computer Training Curriculum.

Hands-On Interactive System Training (HOIST) Series

While the Lift Above Computer Illiteracy (LACI) programme is targeted at beginners in basic computer operations, the second programme is for advanced computer users - that is, people who have acquired some form of training in basic computer operations, but desire to take their computer education to a higher level.

This computer training programme for advanced computer users is referred to as "Hands-On Interactive System Training (HOIST)".

The HOIST programme will cover various aspects of intensive computer operations like graphic designs, computer-aided-designs and drawings, desktop publishing, website design, hosting and publishing, video editing and tv productions, amongst others.

For details on the scope of the programme, see the web page: Computer Training Curriculum.

In order to be fully convinced that we actually OVERdeliver on our promise of being the best computer training outfit in Nigeria and beyond, please see the following web page: Why Kome Computers.

Register for Our Computer Training Programme

Do you desire to register for our computer training programme? If so, please see the web page: Computer Training Per Excellence for details on how to register for the programme.


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