Credit Card Selection

Credit Card Selection Options

0% Balance Transfers

Transferring your high credit card balance to a low or 0% balance transfer credit card can be great way to get from under that high interest rate card that’s hard to pay off.  Check the new credit card fee’s to make sure your decision to switch is a good one.  You will find great cards on this site to utilize for balance transfers.

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Low Interest Credit Cards

Most credit cards have different rates for different transaction.  For example a balance transfer card may have a 0% interest rate for transferring the balance while the purchasing rate may be significantly higher like 17.99%.  This card could be a great card for balance transfers but not necessarily for your purchases.  If you need a card for strictly purchases, it’s a good idea to apply for a card with a higher balance transfer rate and a lower purchasing rate.

Student Credit Cards or “Parent Cards”

These credit cards are usually designed to help students build their credit rating while having lower fees.  Typically these charge cards have great introduction purchase rates and have tools to help credit card beginners to learn about credit.  Parent cards, specifically  BillMyParent Prepaid MasterCard Card is a Prepaid Credit Card for teens that are great for parents desiring security, flexibility and peace of mind. Parents set strict spending limitations and get easy monitoring tools.

Meanwhile, teens can’t spend more than their prepaid balance. So there’s no overdraft charges and no credit implications. It’s simple: parents just load the card, teens do the shopping and BOTH track the spending with text and email alerts. The card has fantastic features needed to help create good financial management skills and its fees are some of the lowest in the industry!

Parents can try the card free of monthly charges for 30 days and it’s just $3.95 a month if they keep the card active after 30 days. The sign up process is extremely simple and there is no credit card required to get a card.

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards for small businesses can be one of the most powerful leveraging tools for business owners.  Essentially you can use business credit cards for all your business purchases while keeping your hard earned capital.  Especially in an uncertain market it can be wise to use these cards to purchase supplies and materials and pay them off when you invoice.  There are many factors when selecting the right Credit card for your small business.  Selecting a business card that has the most perks and benefits that you can use will be key in making the right card choice.   Sometimes the benefit will out why a higher interest rate if the benefit is used on a regular basis but make sure you will use the benefit.  These benefits can be useless if you don’t use them on a regular basis so weigh out your options carefully.

Another powerful component to using a business Credit Card is the ability to keep organized and accurate accounting.  Many of the business credit cards have free tools to help you manage your budget, manage your tax deductible expenses while tracking your expenses.  These tools are usually online and most of the time they are free.